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Energi Cafe

Freshly roasted coffee beans and delicious meals

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Sandwiches, Baps, Wraps & Baguettes

Ham, Cheese, Chicken, Tuna, Chicken Tikka or a combination.
ADD Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Red Onion, Spring Onion, Coleslaw or Packle.

Panini - Toasted Ciabata Roll

Ham, Cheese, Tuna, Tomato, Red Onion or combination.
Want it spicy? Ask to add chilli flakes.

Jacket Potato

Cheese, Beans, Ham, Tuna Mayo, Coleslaw or a combination.

All served with fresh salad garnish, tortilla chips & coleslaw



Plain Burger

Cheese Burger

Burger with cheese

Energi Burger

Burger with lettuce, red onion and tomato

Energi Cheese Burger

Burger with cheese, lettuce, red onion and tomato

Hot Dog

Tradtitional hot dog in a bun

Children’s Meals

Please allow at least 20 minutes cooking time.

Hot Dog
Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza
Chicken Nuggets, Beans & smiles
Fish Fingers, Beans & smiles
Children's Lunchbox

Select 3 items plus a kid’s drink from display fridge for your box.
Take box to counter and order your sandwich: Ham, Cheese, Marmite, Honey or Jam.

Hot Drinks

Black Americano
White Americano
Hot Chocolate

Add any syrup – 50p

Please See Our Specials Board For


Creeps & Waffles



Between 10AM – 12PM
Bacon Rolls


Meal Deals

Sandwich, crisps or chocolate bar with a can.